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Former Minister of Aviation, Femi fani Kayode has reacted strongly to the detention of his wife and 8 month-old son by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) today. Below is his post.

This govt is sick and cowardly and so are the EFCC. If you have a problem with me face me and leave my family alone.

My wife travelled to Ado Ekiti to see my friend and brother Governor Fayose and his family.
They were on their way out of town when they went to Access Bank in Ado Ekiti to get some money.
When they got there my 8 month old son Aragorn and wife Precious Chikwendu were illegally detained, brutalised and put under arrest on the orders of the EFCC at a bank in Ado Ekiti today.
She has never had any business with me, she has never been formally invited by the EFCC or asked any questions about her transactions and neither have they written to her on any issue even though they are always sending letters to my house and sending people there.
If Buhari wants to deal with me why doesnt he face me like a man obstead of trying to harm and hurt my 8 month old son and wife.
Had it not been for the intervention of Governor Ayo Fayose they would have been taken them away and subjected them to all manner of harm and indignities simply because she is married to me.
This was an account that has 200,000 naira in it and that has never had more than 500,000.
She has operated it since 2005 and she stopped using it in 2013. The account has no connection with me and I did not know it existed till today.
In an attempt to starve and harass me and my family all my accounts and wifes accounts have been frozen.
Now they are resorting to arresting peoples wives and children for no just cause.
I thank God for Gov. Fayose and the people of Ado Ekiti who stormed the bank and freed my wife from this illegal detention and attempt to kidnap them.
Had it not been for the governors intervention and prescence the bank would have been burnt down by the crowd. My family have since left Ekiti state.
This is Buhari’s Nigeria and we will resist his wickedness and tyranny.
We intend to sue the bank and to sue the EFCC for this illegal and wicked action. They have no right to do this.
If they want to see my wife all they need to do is to invite her. We have nothing to fear. They do not need to be so primitive and barbaric to people.
Loladeville blog is a one-stop site for entertainment, sports, fashion and other interesting news.

She works incredibly hard and has been cited as one of the best actresses in her generation. Funke Akindele Bello is working on ‘Industreet’ another exciting venture, a music-oriented TV series reportedly inspired by her husband, Rasheed Bello, popularly called JJC, a singer and director.  The upcoming TV series will centre on hustle/survival in the entertainment industry.

“It is just a group of people coming together to do something different on television through Scene One Productions, where I am the CEO. My mission is for people to enjoy wholesome entertainment.” The 39 year-old told PUNCH recently.

“Industreet” will feature names like Tina Mba, Kunle Coker, Linda Ejiofor, K-Switch, Charles Okocha, Mo-Easy, Freeze of Cool FM, Lydia Forson, to mention a few.
Loladeville blog is a one-stop site for entertainment, sports, fashion and other interesting news.

Didier Drogba refused to play for Montreal Impact after learning he'd start on the bench

Didier Drogba refused to play for Montreal Impact after learning he will be left out of the team’s starting XI against Toronto. The Chelsea legend wasn’t happy with the idea that he would start from the bench and so opted not to turn up for the game which later ended 2-2.

Montreal initially thought his omission was due to a back injury but later learnt he could actually feature in the game play but just didn’t show up…he probably felt slighted.

'I spoke with him on Saturday and he didn't accept the fact that he would come off the bench and, in the end, he didn't want to be in the 18. He decided not to play.' There was tightness in his back, yes, but he was capable of playing. The organisation will have to handle this . coach Mauro Biello said
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Iheanacho and Iwobi

Nigeria’s John Obi Mikel, Ahmed Musa and Kelechi Iheanacho have been shortlisted for the 2016 CAF African Player of the Year Award. Other African footballers eyeing the prize include Samuel Eto’o of Cameroon, Andre Ayew of Ghana and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Gabon.

The award ceremony will hold on January 5, 2017 in Abuja.
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Manchester City forward, Kelechi Iheanacho's wonder goal at the 42nd minute of the Super Eagles' 2-1 clash against Zambia in last Sunday's Russia  2018 World Cup qualifying fixture has been adjudged CNN goal of the week. 

The 20 year-old garnered 75% of the total votes cast. Portuguese forward, Cristiano Ronaldo came second with 20% of the votes while Alfred Effiong and Ivan Aguilar came third and fourth respectively in the poll.
Loladeville blog is a one-stop site for entertainment, sports, fashion and other interesting news.
Arsenal v Chelsea - Premier League

Arsenal starlet, Alex Iwobi has described his team mate, Mesut Ozil’s recent comment about him flattering. The winger who has become a regular at the Emirates was compared to Edgar Davids and Jay-Jay Okocha by the Germany international, a remark which he has found surprising and motivating.

“Alex reminds me of a mixture of him (Okocha) and Edgar Davids. The manager knows exactly how good he is and I wish him all the best.” The former Real Madrid player had said

Reacting to the comment, the 19 year-old said “Mesut just tells me that I’m young and need to express myself on the pitch. Obviously I need to listen to other people’s advice as well, but he tells me to always play with a smile on my face and enjoy the game. When I saw his comments comparing me to Okocha and Edgar Davids I was like, ‘Wow is he serious?’ because he never really says that much to me.

He continued. “I’m the same kid I used to be, the same kid who used to work hard. There’s a bit of luck as well. For me to get that chance and take it like I did, I’m just fortunate and happy to have taken them. I guess it’s luck at the end of the day.”
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People tend to be alarmed when the Nigerian Presidency takes certain decisions. They don’t think the decision makes sense. Sometimes, they wonder if something has not gone wrong with the thinking process at that highest level of the country. I have heard people insist that there is some form of witchcraft at work in the country’s seat of government. I am ordinarily not a superstitious person, but working in the Villa, I eventually became convinced that there must be something supernatural about power and closeness to it. I’ll start with a personal testimony. I was given an apartment to live in inside the Villa. It was furnished and equipped. But when my son, Michael arrived, one of my brothers came with a pastor who was supposed to stay in the apartment. But the man refused claiming that the Villa was full of evil spirits and that there would soon be a fire accident in the apartment. He complained about too much human sacrifice around the Villa and advised that my family must never sleep overnight inside the Villa.

I thought the man was talking nonsense and he wanted the luxury of a hotel accommodation. But he turned out to be right. The day I hosted family friends in that apartment and they slept overnight, there was indeed a fire accident. The guests escaped and they were so thankful. Not long after, the President’s physician living two compounds away had a fire accident in his home. He and his children could have died. He escaped with bruises. Around the Villa while I was there, someone always died or their relations died. I can confirm that every principal officer suffered one tragedy or the other; it was as if you needed to sacrifice something to remain on duty inside that environment. Even some of the women became merchants of dildo because they had suffered a special kind of death in their homes (I am sorry to reveal this) and many of the men complained about something that had died below their waists too. The ones who did not have such misfortune had one ailment or the other that they had to nurse. From cancer to brain and prostate surgery and whatever, the Villa was a hospital full of agonizing patients.

I recall the example of one particular man, an asset to the Jonathan Presidency who practically ran away from the Villa. He said he needed to save his life. He was quite certain that if he continued to hang around, he would die. I can’t talk about colleagues who lost daughters and sons, brothers and uncles, mothers and fathers, and the many obituaries that we issued. Even the President was multiply bereaved. His wife, Mama Peace was in and out of hospital at a point, undergoing many surgeries. You may have forgotten but after her husband lost the election and he conceded victory, all her ailments vanished, all scheduled surgeries were found to be no longer necessary and since then she has been hale and hearty. By the same token, all those our colleagues who used to come to work to complain about a certain death beneath their waists and who relied on videos and other instruments to entertain wives (take it easy boys, I don’t mean nay harm, I am writing!), have all experienced a re-awakening.

Everyone who went under the blade has received miraculous healing, and we are happy to be out of that place. But others were not so lucky. They died. There were days when convoys ran into ditches and lives were lost. In Norway, our helicopter almost crashed into a mountain. That was the first time I saw the President panicking. The weather was all so hazy and he just kept saying it would not be nice for the President of a country to die in a helicopter crash due to pilot miscalculations. The President went into a prayer mode. We survived. In Kenya once, we had a bird strike. The plane had to be recalled and we were already airborne with the plane acting like it would crash. During the 2015 election campaigns, our aircraft refused to start on more than one occasion. The aircraft just went dead. On some other occasions, we were stoned and directly targeted for evil. I really don’t envy the people who work in Aso Villa, the seat of Nigeria’s Presidency. For about six months, I couldn’t even breathe properly. For another two months, I was on crutches. But I considered myself far luckier than the others who were either nursing a terminal disease or who could not get it up.

When Presidents make mistakes, they are probably victims of a force higher than what we can imagine. Every student of Aso Villa politics would readily admit that when people get in there, they actually become something else. They act like they are under a spell. When you issue a well- crafted statement, the public accepts it wrongly. When the President makes a speech and he truly means well, the speech is interpreted wrongly by the public. When a policy is introduced, somehow, something just goes wrong. In our days, a lot of people used to complain that the APC people were fighting us spiritually and that there was a witchcraft dimension to the governance process in Nigeria. But the APC folks now in power are dealing with the same demons. Since Buhari government assumed office, it has been one mistake after another. Those mistakes don’t look normal, the same way they didn’t look normal under President Jonathan. I am therefore convinced that there is an evil spell enveloping this country. We need to rescue Nigeria from the forces of darkness. Aso Villa should be converted into a spiritual museum, and abandoned.

Should I become President of Nigeria tomorrow, I will build a new Presidential Villa: a Villa that will be dedicated to the all-conquering Almighty, and where powers and principalities cannot hold sway. But it is not about buildings and space, not so? It is about the people who go to the highest levels in Nigeria. I really don’t quite believe in superstitions, but I am tempted to suggest that this is indeed a country in need of prayers. We should pray before people pack their things into Aso Villa. We should ask God to guide us before we appoint ministers. We should, to put it in technocratic language, advise that the people should be very vigilant. We have all failed so far, that crucial test of vigilance. We should have a Presidential Villa where a President can afford to be human and free. In the White House, in the United States, Presidents live like normal human beings. In Aso Villa, that is impossible. They’d have to surround themselves with cooks from their villages, bodyguards from their mother’s clans and friends they can trust. It should be possible to be President of Nigeria without having to look behind one’s shoulders. But we are not yet there. So, how do we run a Presidency where the man in the saddle can only drink water served by his kinsman? No. How can we possibly run a Presidency where every President proclaims faith in Nigeria but they are better off in the company of relatives and kinsmen. No. We need as Presidents men and women who are willing to be Nigerians. No Nigerian President should be in spiritual bondage because he belongs to all of us and to nobody.

Now let me go back to the spiritual dimension. A colleague once told me that I was the most naïve person around the place. I thought I was a bright, smart, professional doing my bit and enjoying the President’s confidence. I spelled it out. But what I got in response was that I was coming to the villa using Lux soap, but that most people around the place always bathed in the morning with blood. Goat blood. Ram blood. Whatever animal blood. I argued. He said there were persons in the Villa walking upside down, head to the ground. I screamed. Everybody looked normal to me. But I soon began to suspect that I was in a strange environment indeed. Every position change was an opportunity for warfare. Civil servants are very nice people; they obey orders, but they are not very nice when they fight over personal interests.

The President is most affected by the atmosphere around him. He can make wrong decisions based on the cloud of evil around him. Even when he means well and he has taken time to address all possible outcomes, he could get on the wrong side of the public. A colleague called me one day and told me a story about how a decision had been taken in the spiritual realm about the Nigerian government. He talked about the spirit of error, and how every step taken by the administration would appear to the public like an error. He didn’t resign on that basis but his words proved prophetic. I see the same story being re-enacted. Aso Villa is in urgent need of redemption. I never slept in the apartment they gave me in that Villa for an hour.

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Photo published for Paul Pogba's Man Utd Shirt Sales Surpass £190 Million in First Three Weeks - talkingbaws

Paul Pogba has topped the list of shirt sales for a Premier League club, with Ibrahimovic coming second and Sanchez and Ozil, claiming the third and 4th spots respectively. The France international joined The Red Devils this summer in a whooping £89 million move from Juventus.  

Top 20 player shirt sales

1.    Paul Pogba
2.    Zlatan Ibrahimovic
3.    Alexis Sanchez
4.    Mesut Ozil
5.    Phillipe Coutinho
6.    David De Gea
7.    Sadlo Mane
8.    Dimitri Payet
9.    Eden Hazard
10. Marcus Rashford
11. Anthony Martial
12. Sergio Aguero
13. Wayne Rooney
14. Harry Kane
15. Granit Xhaka
16. Kevin De Bruyne
17. N’golo Kante
18. Roberto Firmino
19. Henrikh Mkhitaryan
20. Aaron Ramsey

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Singing sensation, Omawumi has hit out at fat-shaming trolls telling them to get over her shape. The pretty mother of two has been subjected to vile attacks over her weight gain but the songstress isn't having any more of it.

“This is my b**ch resting face… Which can also mean ‘honesty, I can’t be bothered,” she wrote. “I have come to own and accept the real me, when/if I have to change my body, I may do it.
“So till then this my response to ‘Omawumi is fat’. So I’ve added a few kilos, Omawumi is beautiful Jare!!! #wonderwoman #omawonder #ownit #timeless." She wrote on instagram

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Photo published for Chelsea and Nike announce long-term partnership

Chelsea have confirmed a new kit deal with Nike; the largest in the club’s history. The deal which is worth £60m a season will see the leading sportswear company supply The Blues kits for the next 15 season starting from the 2017/2018 campaign.

Confirming the news, Chelsea director Marina Granovskaia said: “This is an incredibly exciting and important deal for the club. Like Chelsea, Nike is known around the world for its excellence and innovation and we look forward to working together in what is sure to be a successful partnership”

Trevor Edwards, President of the Nike Brand, also added: “Chelsea is a world-class club with a rich tradition and passionate fans across the globe.”
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Morocco international, Marouane Chamakh is still harbouring a grudge against his former boss, Arsene Wenger. The 32 year-old forward who signed for Cardiff City earlier this week revealed that the French manager did not give him much chance to prove himself at Arsenal, adding that he showed him a lack of respect.

The former Crystal Palace player who joined the Gunners in 2010 scored a total of 8 goals in 40 appearances before leaving three years after. Chamakh revealed he counted on Wenger’s promises to him but left after the coach overlooked him.

He told RMC, "When I started, it went really well. I took advantage of Van Persie's injuries, which cleared my path. I played for six months, I scored goals, I contributed. In January, Robin came back from injury and overnight I found myself on the bench without any explanation.

"Yes, obviously I'm a little bit annoyed with [Wenger], because I think I deserved more playing time than he gave and promised me. The year passed and at the start of the next season, he told me that the tactical system would perhaps change and that I would maybe start with Robin. It was only promises. There was nothing at the end of them.

He continued, "That year, Robin was incredible, he was player of the year. I couldn't say anything, and I wasn't going to go and see Wenger and tell him that I should be playing instead. Robin was a lot better than me.

"For the ambitions I had, I think it was a little bit of a lack of respect. I had started well, and overnight he forgot about me just like that.

"He asked me to be patient, told me that Robin wouldn't play more than 10 matches in a row, that he would get injured, but it lasted the whole year. There came a time when I had to make a decision and I left the club."
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In less than a months’ time the Americans will be heading to the polls to elect a new President. And unless Republican contender, Donald Trump, can pull a last minute trick out of his hat or resort to more dirty tricks, the front runner, Hilary Clinton, is most definitely going to be the next President of the United States of America.

Not only will she become the first female leader of the World’s most powerful nation she’ll be joining two other female leaders – Theresa May of GB and Angela Merkel of Germany -  to form a new axis of power. This will mean that a third of the G8 nation leaders will be women. Already Christine Lagarde heads up the International Monetary Fund and for a while Diezani Alison-Madueke was the President of the all-powerful OPEC organisation.

The joke currently circulating around political circles is that the women are coming in to clear up the mess made by the men. Perhaps.

We are beginning to see a new breed of female leaders ready to take on the world in a move never before seen since the Thatcher era. Traditionally women are better leaders (- sorry guys but its true!) They are strong, decisive and pull no punches. They are also not as scandal-prone as men, having little or no skeletons in their cupboards. The Margaret Thatcher era of 1979 – 1990 turned a bankrupt and floundering Great Britain into one of the most prosperous and powerful nations that we know today. During her regime she battled the unions, introduced capitalism across the board, whilst at the same time showing Britain’s military might in facing off the Argentines over the Falkland and taking the country into the First Gulf War. Under her rule Britain was a key player on the international scene earning her the nickname of the no-nonsense ‘Iron Lady’.

With women at the top of the three most powerful nations in the world we can expect a lot of change in the world in the coming years. Even though President Hilary Clinton will initially have her hands full with domestic issues we can expect changes in areas such as world trade, migration and terrorism. All three are not novices when it comes to governing a nation and performing on the international scene: Angela Merkel has been the Chancellor of Germany since 2005, Theresa May is a former Home Secretary and Hilary Clinton was Secretary of State in President Obama first cabinet. Collectively, with their joint experience, they can steer the world on to another course.

As any married man knows fully well you can’t argue with a woman; they are better at putting an argument across( and getting their own way!), they are better negotiators, more thick skinned and are a lot better at dealing with(or ignoring!) criticism levelled at them. Without a doubt there will be feminists out there who’ll think it’s time to dust off their placards and take to the streets – they’ll be wrong! These new leaders are not bra-burning feminists but competent leaders who have proven themselves in a predominantly male-dominated chauvinistic environment. They don't have’ to prove themselves any further to make a point or statement.

Women leaders, unlike their male counterparts, tend to think of the bigger picture and as a result their policies will be more diversified. They also well known for their ability to negotiate peace deals – something the world desperately needs right now with all the trouble hotspots.

Women leaders are not scared to fight when necessary; Margaret Thatcher fought the Argentines over the Falkland’s and when PM Theresa May was asked whether she was prepared to authorize a nuclear strike, if need be, that could potentially kill over a 100,000 men, women and children with a nuclear bomb she replied with a curt ‘yes’.

Women leaders are prepared to fight just wars if need be- when there is no other option. They won’t rush off and fight an unjust war like Blair and Bush did. Having said that one of the areas they are bound to focus on will be the turbulent Middle East – and they won’t be afraid to use military force if necessary. Dealing with Russia, China, Iran and North Korea will also be high on the cards.

There are currently twenty-two female leaders in the world today running their countries in the capacity of President, Prime Minister or Monarch (the Queen of England). With the exception of ex-President Dilna Rousseff of Brazil who was recently impeached all the other leaders are running their countries comfortably.

Come next year it would be very easy to see Clinton (if she wins) sitting down with Merkel and May discussing ways on to how to solve the worlds growing problems.

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Like Petr Cech who was recently honoured for having the most number of clean sheets in Premier League history at 181 and for being the first goalkeeper to win the Golden Glove with two different clubs in the English top-flight – Arsenal and Chelsea, some notable sportsmen were also included in the Guinness Book of World Records 2017

Cristiano Ronaldo earned a spot for having the most followers on Twitter by any athlete, with a following of 47.4m. Everton’s Gareth Barry also holds the record for most Premier League starts by any player- pegged at 580.
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The latest edition of Glam Africa magazine z features one of the country’s biggest media personality, TV and radio host, Bonang Matheba who has a staggering 1.1 million following. She talks to Glam Africa about the role Social Media has played in her life, her upcoming book, personal life and future plans.

This edition explores how social media has created a new mode of success and the celebrity world of today. Hoping this issue will positively impact and inspire readers, it also explores social media’s contribution to society’s perception of Africa as a whole. How the indigenous content on social media paints the continent in positive light and the positive effects on the perception, relevance and even economic performance the continent will experience as social media matures.

As well as in stores across Ghana, Nigeria, UK and South Africa, Glam Africa is now available to the world via digital or print purchase/subscription at

Quick fire questions:

One fact most fans don’t know about you?
I’m asthmatic – I don’t know how many people know about that. I was diagnosed when I was five years old and I’ve been living with asthma all my life.

Favourite African city?
Cape Town, because it is beautiful, the culture there is incredible. It’s one of my favourite holiday destinations, because it’s very global, very European, but it’s quintessential South Africa – the markets there and so many things come together beautifully; our fashion, our music, our people. Cape Town really personifies how beautiful South Africa is and what a great nation I think we are.

Favourite far flung holiday destination?
I love Paris, I love London and I love Los Angeles. And I love Mauritius.

5 things always in your handbag?
My cell phone, my power bank to charge my cell phone, a pair of sunglasses, my asthma pump and my Revlon lipgloss.

Who’s your favourite designer at the moment?
Hazra and Guccia – I absolutely love him; I’ve worked with him numerous times over the years and he just gets better and better. Internationally it has to be Balmain; I have huge respect for Olivier.

Who do you stalk the most on Instagram?
I stalk a lot of the Kardashians – I love what they wear, I love their family and I just love their online presence on social media. I get a lot of style inspiration from them.
I stalk FashioBombDaily - their owner, Claire Sulmers, who I have great respect for, and I also stalk Chrissy Teigen who I find really, really, really funny.

In Real Life, who is your favourite person right now?
My mother. 

Photo:        Alessandrio Bergman (SYNC Model South Africa)
Styling:       Siyamthanda Alakhe Ndube
MUA:          Muzi Cebolenkosi Zuma
Location:    Maboneng, Johannesburg

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The single most watched and most expensive game in the world, El Clasico will not be televised live for UK audiences, no thanks to a new regulation by La Liga. The kick off time of the first clasico of the season which has been put at 3:15pm on Saturday, December 3rd, 2016 has clashed with Premier League. The match would be watched all around the world except Britain.

A rule agreed upon by the FA, Premier League and Football League, prohibits football from being televised live between 2:45pm and 5:15pm on a Saturday anywhere in the United Kingdom.
"With these kick-off times we have more than doubled income," La Liga president Javier Tebas revealed

According to, “La Liga's recent penchant for scheduling Madrid or Barca games during England's 3pm window is part of a concerted global development drive that is also intended to eat into the Premier League's worldwide audience.”
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Hours after featuring in Brazil's World Cup qualifiers and netting a goal in the game. Chelsea player, Willian has lost his mother to cancer. The 28 year-old dedicated his goal against Hull to his sickly matriarch

"All of us at CFC are sending our love to Willian and his family after the passing of his mother. We're thinking of you " Chelsea reached out to the winger on twitter.