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The abundance of goods for newborns in the modern market is just great. But don't you panic! We'll show you what to buy for the child’s birth at the optimum level, which will allow you not to spend all of your money, and will ensure the baby and his/her parents a comfortable living.

The newborn baby is not only a flurry of emotions, the endless process of photo-shoot, some percentage of fatigue and fears, and the boundless sea of love. A little baby always needs a huge amount of stuff.

It is clear that the needs and abilities of each family are individual. But there is a universal list that you want to buy before the birth of a child. It includes the following categories:
For sleep: crib or cradle;
For walking: stroller;
Care and hygiene accessories;
Clothing and diapers;

And if for some reason you are unable to breastfeed, you will need a bottle sterilizer and a mixture suggested by an experienced pediatrician-neonatologist.
The list of necessary Accessories  for kids:
1. Cradle for a newborn;
2. Waterproof oilcloth (it is better to choose breathable one, this way the child will not sweat too much);
3. Blankets: thin and warm (woolen or feather, depending on weather conditions, and the climate). Lately pediatricians advise to use a special "sleeping bag" instead of blankets - it keeps the same temperature at any time of the year and in any weather.

4. Sheets. If you lay the child in a sleeping bag, then you will need only the linens. You won't need covers and pillowcases.
5. A pillow. Typically, a child under one year sleeps without a pillow. But if you think it's needed, orthopedists advise to buy the flattest one — not exceeding 1 cm. Otherwise, kid's movable vertebras will form incorrectly.

6. Special "nest" for your baby. It is worth to include this product in your shopping list if your baby sleeps bad and "calls" you more for calming than when he is hungry. "The nest" is a limited space made of soft cloth from which the baby can't fall off, but where it is very easy to reach him. You can place “the nest” in your bad. Dimensional breathing of sleeping mom and dad will soothe a baby. In doing so, for the sake of security you should put it near the wall, rather than at the edge of the bed. And do not cover a newborn with your blanket!

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