He took 4 shots at the MTN Project Fame show but they were unsuccessful. Most people would have given up, but he remained dogged and bent on proving his mettle. He did not only scale through the fifth attempt but he also picked the winning ticket.
In this interview, the witty, out-spoken Covenant University graduate whose popularity is soaring high, told us about his odyssey into music as well as other issues. Enjoy!!!
(1) So, who is Ayo?My name is Ayoola Ayobami. I'm from Oyo State, the first of 5 children, I was born and bred in Kano. I moved to Lagos in 2001.
(2) How did you enter for Project Fame?I started from the first edition, that was 2008, all my attempts proved abortive. I quietly went for the 5th eÌdition, having tried out at all d seasons, and was publicly kicked out from the idols competition. I was just favoured to scale every huddle until I got to the finals.
(3) How did you feel that particular moment you were declared winner? An experience I would never forget in a hurry. Infact the import of the situation didn't set in until I was congratulated and heard everyone screaming. It was just God. He saw my struggles, determination and decided to crown them with victory. The support was massive and I appreciate people who voted for me. (4) How sweet has the taste of victory been?I'm enjoying it and I hope more comes. Its been a very good ride, it comes with its own challenges but who am I to say No to enjoyment?
(5) So what would have come between you and your victory?
I have this school of thought that I don't compete with anybody, I am my greatest challenge so I will say me. That's if I'm not persistent enough.

(6) What are the challenges you've encountered so far?
They are much, having to stand out, to be unique, a whole lot of them.
(7) How has the journey been so far It's been alright, full of ups and downs.
(8) How did you discover your talent in music?

As most people would say, they started singing as a child, when they were in their mother's womb. Mine is close to that, i was born into the environs of music, my father used to be a choirmaster for about ten years, i would go to rehearsals with him in Kano.
I would watch him teach, play instruments, then i started learning how to play one or two instruments. I would say i started singing at age 6 or 7, that was when i did my first stage performance and that was silent night.
(9) Your parents are Pastors, how receptive are they to secular music?

My parents are my biggest fans, my biggest critics and they love the fact that I've been so gifted by God and I'm using it so well and so far. They would support me, pray for me, if they have millions, they will give me to pursue my music career. My father would shout at me whenever i lose my voice, he will tell me "don't you know your voice is a million dollar instrument, take care of it". That's important for me cos i need support. They are in support of my music as long as i don't go to the extreme even in secular music.
(10) What's your kind of music?I love good music. I'm still in the process of discovering it, it's a journey, I've done R'nB, Reggae, Naija pop and all. Every musician discovers his kind of music as time goes on.I'm still in the process of discovering my kind of music but whatever it is, it's going to be so bomb. (11) What has stardom changed about you? Stardom has changed nothing, to be honest, I'm still the same guy.

(12) You've being an actor before you wanted to be an entertainer, how do you intend to cope with the two or you want to leave one for the other? It is not possible to do both at the same time, it's going to be a bit difficult or harder than we all think. I think I'm willing and ready.
(13) Tell us about your educational background All started in Kano, i went to ECWA Nursery and Primary school, i can't remember everything, one thing i remember is that there was a particular holiday when our President died, i didn't know what was going on then but i was glad, i liked acrobatics, it was time to show some skills, so i went out and i remember being punished for that. I also went to Crison International school, i met a lot of people, got a lot of exposure, good and bad. Then we moved to Lagos, i did my WAEC in Binta International school, producers of Papa Ajasco, Ajasco was my junior. I did my A'levels for 2 years, i got to Covenant University 2005, graduated 2009 in B.Sc Biochemistry, i served in Delta State 2009/2010.
(14) How do you intend to affect lives with your music, what's your message, what are you preaching to people? In as much as i am into music, it is my responsibilty as a responsible adult, to make sure that whatever i preach be it love, justice, i want to make sure that i do not adulterate my message and i know Nigerians, they get tired, they seem to think some messages can get boring, you're going to find out my approach soon.I'm going to affect whoever is going to hear me cos i will not say rubbish, i will not preach nonsense, i will not sell sex, extravagance. I will say what they want to hear in a moderate way.
(15) How have you been coping with females in and out of the industry? Kokolets, in our brother D'banj's word are a blessing, same thing with men, we are all blessings. I've always had a lot of female friends even before all these started. I have lots of new male friends than female friends now to be honest, i love having creative minds around me. There is no issue about coping, it's just about staying level headed and i know that if I'm not careful I'm going to go out of control because everyone wants to be associated with success and greatness. I manage it well.(16) Do you have any special relationship with any female in the industry?I admire Genevieve Nnaji a lot.
(17) What would you have done if not entertainment?

I would have been a footballer. I would have gone far or be successful, i was tending towards that direction at some point in life, i was a goal keeper for my school, even though i wasn't that good. Then i used to draw well, i would have been a good artist. I also wanted to be a good soldier, so many things.
(18) How soon should we expect your single and your movie?

Very soon. It is actually ready. As for the movie, i don't want to let the cat out of the bag yet, I'm working on them.



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