Arsenal manager, Arsene Wenger has implored Real Madrid striker, Cristiano Ronaldo to be less fixated on his personal achievements. The Frenchman’s advice came on the heels of Cristiano Ronaldo’s recent claim that he is better than his Barcelona nemesis, Lionel Messi.  The 63 year-old coach  believes that Ronaldo’s obsession with individual accolades could ruin his career.

He told reporters, "He is the best player in the world - with Messi. Messi has a little advantage on assists. But I would go for nobody because it is not my problem at the moment. I’ve seen careers being destroyed because players are too obsessed with individual rewards. I can tell you that maybe another day but it encourages selfishness. And it encourages people inside the game to go more for their own gain when others are in a better position. You can be No.1 in the world in March and no.250 in May. Sport is always moving."


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