The Ancelottis
Bayern Munich coach, Carlo Ancelotti has joined the growing list of managers who have appointed their sons important roles in football. The former Chelsea handler has named his son, Davide Ancelotti as the club's assistant coach.

The 27 year-old who worked as a fitness coach at Real Madrid during the latter’s spell was an ex youth player at AC Milan but went on to study sports science after failing to measure up at the Serie A club. He became promoted to Assistant Coach after learning the German language for 8 months.

He explained his new role on the club's official YouTube channel'My job at Bayern is to support the coaches both in training and in pre-match preparations, as well as during games.

'On the training pitch, I explain exercises or just help out with the language. My father speaks German but doesn't understand everything yet. I can speak German well because I've been studying the language for eight months. I like the language - it's difficult but I find it very interesting.

'I'm looking forward to learning many things here as a coach, but also as a person, like a new culture and a new language. The atmosphere at Bayern is incredible. You can sense the tradition. Despite being such a big club, it's like a family and the atmosphere reflects that.
'I felt that way at AC Milan too and it's very difficult to find something like that.'



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