With Ahmed Mayowa’s death, the angel of death has once again reminded us of its potency.
As a chronic latecomer, which it has always been, Asarailu had to wait until she became an exoskeleton before it opened its compound eyes on the frail little lass.
Let us take a moment to appreciate her family, Ms. Toyin Aimakhu and all well-meaning Nigerians who supported and came to her aid.
Now that Mayowa is gone, it behoves on the family to give back to the society the goods they received from the society.
In the event a substantial amount of the N80 million and $100,000 Nigerians donated to the #SaveMayowa campaign remains, the family will do well by channelling the funds to combating ovarian cancer.
This can be done via the setting up of an ovarian cancer foundation or putting the fund into our already established health institutions whose mandate is to fight ovarian cancer.
Stanford University was founded by Leland and Lathrop Stanford when their only child died of typhoid. With the university, they made all the students of Stanford University “their children”.
That’s the spirit!
Mayowa has returned to the great beyond via ovarian cancer, no thanks to the decrepit healthcare system we have in Nigeria.

Can her family begin a process of making her the last to experience this?
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